San Mateo

A community of tight-knit neighborhoods with coastal sophistication.

Welcome to San Mateo

A city with diverse charm and a thriving urban pulse.

San Mateo, a city thriving independently, shines as the Peninsula's second-largest with a bustling downtown. A culinary haven, its diverse restaurants cater to every taste, offering taquerias, Indian street food, steakhouses, and cafes. The vibrant urban atmosphere transforms from coffee-filled mornings to lively nights, attracting both food enthusiasts and shoppers. Landmarks like Talbot's Toyland, open since 1953, and the Century 12 movie theater enhance the downtown allure. Annual events, from Summerfest to "Christmas on B Street," add to the city's dynamic spirit. With neighborhoods spanning entry-level to high-end, San Mateo blends tree-lined streets, historic districts like San Mateo Park, and contemporary developments like the Bay Meadows neighborhood, a testament to the city's varied charm. Amidst this renaissance, the ongoing Bay Meadows transformation promises a pedestrian-friendly haven with residences, parks, and a new downtown, solidifying San Mateo's status as a thriving, cosmopolitan hub for its 100,000 residents.

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