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Woodside - People & Lifestyle


Woodside is renowned for its friendly and inclusive community, attracting approximately 5,500 residents from diverse backgrounds and cultures. The city takes pride in its abundant green spaces and recreational facilities, which are beloved by locals. Moreover, Woodside boasts exceptional educational institutions, making it an ideal destination for families.

The residents of Woodside embody a strong sense of unity while embracing their unique individualities. They demonstrate a remarkable willingness to support one another, fostering a tight knit community. Throughout the year, the city organizes various community events such as the annual Woodside Day of the Horse celebration held every October.

When it comes to embracing nature's wonders, Woodside truly shines. The city offers numerous parks and recreational areas that captivate both visitors and residents alike. Among these treasures is Huddart Park situated in the breathtaking Santa Cruz Mountains—an idyllic spot offering panoramic vistas of the surrounding region. Visitors can relish hiking adventures along well marked trails or savor peaceful picnics amidst this awe inspiring landscape.
Woodside, a city with numerous outstanding schools, is an ideal destination for families. The Woodside Elementary School District caters to the educational needs of the city and boasts exceptional institutions such as Woodside Elementary School and Ormondale Elementary School. Renowned for its top notch education, this district is a popular choice among families residing in the vicinity.

To sum up, Woodside offers a plethora of attractions and a vibrant lifestyle. From its welcoming community to its exceptional schools and parks, there's something for everyone in this remarkable city. Whether you're a local resident or visiting, exploring and relishing all that Woodside has to offer is truly delightful. Thank you for your time!.

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