Diving into the South Beach Market with Tim McMullen

Diving into the South Beach Market with Tim McMullen

Rockstar agent Tim McMullen joins us today with what he is seeing in the East Cut and South Beach real estate markets here in San Francisco. The transition into Fall 2021 saw a summer peak because the market was depressed during the pandemic from 2020 and into Spring 2021. We are seeing price points start to return to familiar ground. We’re seeing an increase in inventory and activity according to a number of San Francisco real estate agents.

Watch below for Tim’s keen insight into the South Beach market and where we might be heading.

Kinoko’s San Francisco Condo Specialist Tim McMullen

San Francisco real estate agents in South Beach are optimistic about the inventory this Fall, anticipating a decent amount of activity.

If you want to hear more from Tim, check him out on Youtube, or have a look at his site at meettimmcmullen.com.

If you want to speak with Tim or any of our San Francisco real estate agents, have a look and shoot us an email. You will be in good hands.

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