The East Cut – SF Neighborhood Focus

The East Cut – SF Neighborhood Focus

As part of our continuing effort to cover parts of the bay, from Mission Bay walking and jogging routes to the newest culinary players in the Bay Area, today’s post focuses on a coveted and newly minted neighborhood: The East Cut.

Cosmopolitan San Francisco

The East Cut is pumping with dynamic and cosmopolitan lifeblood that exalts the virtues of urban living: unbridled energy, serendipitous inspiration, and continuing evolution. As San Francisco’s most densely populated neighborhood and most coveted real estate, the East Cut is home to some of San Francisco’s most visually stimulating buildings.

Many of the luxury condo high-rise buildings in the East Cut carry definitive names that have become synonymous with high-end luxury living in the Bay Area. 

A Little History

The moniker “The East Cut” refers to the city’s decision to flatten a large part of Rincon Hill, one of San Francisco’s original seven hills, at Second Street to make way for shipping between Mission Bay shipyards and the San Francisco city center, changing real estate in the area drastically. The area had been one of San Francisco’s elite neighborhoods, with many residents presiding over fortunes from the Gold Rush. By the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, the area had become the thoroughfare, with warehouses defining the area. With the 1936 construction of the Bay Bridge, the area had long been a spectre of its former refined glory.

Salesforce Tower and San Francisco

However, the Loma Prieta earthquake in 1989 precipitated the eventual demolition of the Embarcadero Freeway and set in motion the moves to construct what is now Oracle Park. This movement set about a revival of the East Cut into what it is today. The presence of Salesforce Tower tells the people of San Francisco a great deal about what the East Cut has become. The East Cut is now a place for many of today’s elite businesses with Salesforce, Google, Facebook, Apple, and Blackrock, among others, that maintain sizable campuses in the area. The East Cut has emerged as one of the most vital areas of American commerce and technology. 

The Renewed Old – Loft Buildings in the East Cut

One Ecker Residences

A good amount of the older Victorian buildings that once dominated the area can still be found in some areas of the East Cut. Of these buildings, a few were turned into residential lofts. Since many of these buildings hold historical status, their quantity is finite and they are a very sought-after home type by many buyers. Buildings like One Ecker, 1 Federal, 164 Townsend, and 355 Bryant are all sought after for their unique blend of historical industry and modern luxury living.

The Clocktower Lofts

Moreover, properties like 650 2nd Street, The Clocktower Lofts, and The Embarcadero Lofts, are special loft buildings that turn heads on the rare occasion that a seller decides to put one of these units on the market. 

Luxury High Rise

However, at the current moment, much of the East Cut is dominated by some of San Francisco’s largest and most refined luxury high-rise condominium and apartment buildings in the city of San Francisco. Many of the buyers in the area know which buildings suit their taste and tour extensively to weigh which vertical community they might join.

One of Kinoko’s Listings at Lumina

The Metropolitan was one of the first luxury condo buildings in the area, and as time passed, so did the refinement of the real estate developments. Soon, The Infinity, One Rincon Hill, The Harrison, and Lumina followed, bringing top-of-the-line full-service residences to San Francisco.

With the construction of 181 Fremont, the East Cut had reached a new pinnacle; it is one of the most desirable areas in the world, catering to a class of professionals that expect world-class luxury living. 

Amazing Outdoor Spaces at One Stewart Lane

Construction on new condos has not stopped by any means. The newest offerings at Mira SF and One Stewart Lane continue to push the definition of urban luxury in San Francisco.

More to See, More to Do

The Ferry Building

On top of the history, commerce, and luxury residences, The East Cut offers a lot to do. The Ferry Building and the Embarcadero are popular spots for people to convene to shop, eat, and relax.

Lobster at Ozumo

Restaurants like Ozumo give the East Cut a refined sushi and grilled Japanese cuisine option, and GOZU features a wagyu tasting menu for further exploration of Japanese food.

Oysters and Views at Waterbar

Waterbar is an upscale location offering fresh seafood and amazing bridge and water views.

Town Hall is a modern take on Southern comfort fare in refined settings, and Fogo de Chao offers residents an amazing Brazilian steakhouse experience.

For those after more upscale experiences, Prospect and Benu offer food and ambiance befitting the East Cut.

Let Us Know

With so much refinement, innovation, and beauty abound, it is no wonder that so many people choose to call the East Cut home. If you or anyone you know is interested in finding an East Cut home to fit your tastes, give Kinoko a call. We are more than happy to show you around.

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