Potrero Hill - Dining, Shopping & Entertainment

Potrero Hill - Dining, Shopping & Entertainment

Nestled on the slopes of San Francisco, Potrero Hill is a neighborhood that effortlessly combines the flavors of delicious food, the magic of literature, and the rhythm of live music. If you're a brunch enthusiast, Potrero Hill should be on your radar. 18th Street, in particular, is teeming with fun restaurants. Among these, Plow stands out as a true gem, renowned citywide for its mouthwatering lemon ricotta pancakes, soft scramble eggs, and flavorful pork sausage patties.

Since 1991, Christopher's Books has been a literary sanctuary for book enthusiasts in Potrero Hill. This independently-run bookstore feels like something out of a beautiful movie, transporting visitors to a charming and quaint world filled with literary treasures. Whether you're searching for the latest bestseller or an undiscovered gem, Christopher's Books is where you'll find your next literary favorite.

For music aficionados, Potrero Hill's "Bottom of The Hill" is a legendary venue that deserves your attention. This historic spot is not only a local favorite but also a must-visit in San Francisco's music scene. With an inviting and convivial atmosphere, it consistently hosts talented bands, offering an intimate and affordable experience. You might just leave with a new favorite band. Be sure to check their event-packed calendar for upcoming shows! Potrero Hill boasts a trifecta of culinary excellence, literary charm, and musical magic. Whether you're a foodie, a bookworm, or a music lover, Potrero Hill invites you to explore its diverse and vibrant cultural offerings.

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