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In the rolling hills of the Bay Area, Hillsborough, California, stands as a testament to a lifestyle that transcends time. Rooted in historical elegance, this community has evolved into a haven that seamlessly blends modern living with a cherished past.

Hillsborough's story begins with its genteel origins. Unlike other Peninsula towns that emerged from rough-and-tumble outposts, Hillsborough was, from the start, the embodiment of refinement. A San Francisco newspaper writer, on the eve of Hillsborough's 1910 incorporation, aptly dubbed it "the perfumed city." This aura of sophistication still perfumes the air today, as Hillsborough has maintained its allure over the years.

Original estates like Carolands and Tobin Clark's "House-On-Hill" offer glimpses into Hillsborough's storied past. While most of the early estates have evolved, a few, like these historical gems, remain, continuing to contribute to the city's rich tapestry. With a minimum half-acre lot size mandated by city code, Hillsborough ensures a sense of spaciousness and exclusivity, preserving its serene ambiance.

A distinctive aspect of Hillsborough is its lack of businesses within its city limits, a deliberate decision echoing the sentiments of its founders in 1910. No bustling shops or urban perks distract from the town's rural atmosphere. This intentional choice allows Hillsborough to concentrate on the well-being of its approximately 11,000 residents.

Education is paramount in Hillsborough, with the Hillsborough School District consistently ranking among the state's best. Three elementary schools—West, East, and North—and Crocker Middle School underscore the community's commitment to providing an exceptional learning environment. The Hillsborough Schools Foundation, raising over $45 million since its establishment in 1980, showcases the collective dedication of parents and residents.

In Hillsborough, "community" is not just a word; it's a way of life. From annual events like the Memorial Day Parade and Carnival to the Concours d’ Elegance car show, residents actively participate and connect. Daily encounters on tree-lined streets, volunteer work, and passionate engagement in local organizations and politics create a vibrant atmosphere where neighborly interactions aren't just encouraged but cherished.

As Hillsborough gracefully preserves its elegance and embraces a strong sense of community, it stands as a haven for those seeking a lifestyle that values history, education, and the warmth of genuine connections. The people of Hillsborough don't just reside here; they actively contribute to a legacy that continues to evolve with grace and sophistication.

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