East Cut - Dining, Shopping & Entertainment

East Cut - Dining, Shopping & Entertainment


East Cut is a dynamic neighborhood that welcomes a steady stream of new residents daily, a transformation accompanied by an array of chic dining establishments and upscale boutiques. The evolving community finds itself in the company of trendy eateries and high-end stores, creating a magnetic synergy that caters to both the fresh faces and the long-standing denizens.

At the heart of this captivating scene lies the four-story Metreon, a shopper's paradise that seamlessly merges fashion, gastronomy, and entertainment. Fashion enthusiasts can revel in fantastic clothing finds, while culinary aficionados can savor a delectable meal. As the sun sets, the Metreon comes alive with the allure of North America's largest IMAX screen, offering an immersive cinematic experience that adds a touch of enchantment to the East Cut nights.

For those seeking retail therapy, the Embarcadero Center stands tall as a prime destination, housing some of the nation's most renowned retailers. A stroll through its corridors unveils a world of upscale brands and curated selections, enticing visitors to indulge in the pleasure of upscale shopping.

Amid the rhythm of city life, an afternoon escapade leads to Alexander Book Company, a local gem that beckons book enthusiasts. Across three expansive floors, this literary haven offers an extensive array of titles, inviting patrons to immerse themselves in the world of literature while supporting the local community.

Culinary enthusiasts will find East Cut's dining scene a true delight. Waterbar stands out as a seafood haven, celebrated for its sustainable practices and breathtaking vistas of the San Francisco skyline and bay area. Meanwhile, Ozumo tantalizes taste buds with creative seafood presentations and an impressive sake selection, inviting patrons to partake in a culinary journey within its contemporary ambiance.

The gastronomic journey continues with a visit to International Smoke, a culinary haven that artfully melds global cooking techniques with the allure of open flame. As appetites seek heartier fare, EPIC Steak, Town Hall, and Angler emerge as must-visit venues, each offering a unique culinary experience that exemplifies East Cut's diverse and vibrant dining culture.

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