Our Bay Area Home Sales for Q1 and Q2

Our Bay Area Home Sales for Q1 and Q2

Bay Area home sales these past two years were unique. 2020 was rough. We know, understatement of the year, right? With 2021 we knew we had a challenge selling Bay Area homes, but we are never ones to back down from a challenge. So, when San Francisco condos took a dip at the beginning of 2021, we met with all of our clients and worked on strategy. For some sellers, we discussed price and timelines.

We felt, as of Spring 2021, that things were going to pick back up for condos. Once vaccinations in the Bay Area started ramping up, prices and sales started to pick up. For our buyers, we pushed to get them into condos at the right price. Sure enough, once summer rolled around, things got moving.

For those looking at Bay Area single-family homes, we had to adjust as buyer wants changed from density to a desire for outdoor space. San Francisco homes were even more of a challenge as the competition was fierce. However, we worked our tails off to get our clients.

For sales, we pushed clients with San Francisco homes, and to a larger extent others with Bay Area homes, to get things on the market ASAP to take advantage of home buyer low-interest rates.

These are broad descriptions, and each listing has a story. Have a look at some of the Q1 and Q2 sales that we’ve had this year. If you’re interested in hearing more, reach out and we can sit down for a more detailed description.

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