10 Restaurants in the San Francisco Bay Area for Michelin’s Latest Edition

10 Restaurants in the San Francisco Bay Area for Michelin’s Latest Edition

The San Francisco Bay Area is filled with some of the most innovative and delicious restaurants in the world. Michelin has just released their newest edition, highlighting 10 San Francisco Bay Area restaurants as new discoveries. These are not your average Bay Area spots, but rather a diverse list of eateries that will impress anyone who visits them! Read on to find out more about these 10 freshly highlighted mouth-watering destinations…


North Block Cuisine Photo courtesy of Mariana Calderon Photography
  1. Lafayette, CA: The Reve Bistro features a fresh take on many French classic dishes. Some of them include gougères and wild boar pâté, a hearty serving of noisettes de chevreuil poélées. The lemon meringue tart is a popular finish to their delicious meal service.
  2. Los, Altos, CA: Aurum is an ode to many of India’s bygone dishes. Many of these old recipes have found a new life, with dishes that are thoughtfully composed with deep and diverse varieties of flavors. Chef Manish Tyagi has done well here.
  3. Oakland, CA: Matt Horn of Horn Barbecue has created an East Bay sensation with his unpretentious yet seriously sublime barbecue. Horn serves up “West Coast Barbecue” with a combination of his family secrets and time-honored smoked mainstays. Set in a warehouse-style chic surround, you can focus on the main reason everyone loves Horn Barbecue.
  4. Palo Alto, CA: Ettan is run by Chef Srijith Gopinathan, whose pedigree brings a refined sensibility and originality to upscale Indian dining in Palo Alto. The Kulchas are noteworthy, incorporating wonderful peas andricotta and a kale chutney.
  5. San Francisco, CA: 3rd Cousin is a cozy establishment that is often packed with locals who come for the wagyu flat iron steak, porcini and black truffle ravioli, and an impressive uni creme brulee with caviar. When San Franciscans clamor for a restaurant, the whole Bay Area takes notice.
  6. San Francisco, CA: Marlena is run by David Fisher and Serena Choe Fisher, a husband and wife team. The creative use of seasonal ingredients on both the sweet and savory sides will have diners appreciative of the thoughtfulness of the menu.
  7. San Francisco, CA: Routier is the brainchild of Belinda Leong and Michael Suas, whose popularity is known in the city for their pastries. However, their foray into sit-down dining is a notable success. When they tapped JP Carmona, previously from Manresa, they knew what they were doing.
  8. San Leandro, CA: Top Hatters Kitchen is led by husband and wife team Matthew Beavers and Danvy Vu, who paid homage to the building’s former life as a hat store. Chef Vu masterfully blends Californian and Vietnamese flavors for an original cuisine that is worth the trip and wait.
  9. Sebastopol, CA: Khom Loi is an informed homage to Chaing Mai Thai cuisine. Paste for all the curries is made in the kitchen in addition to its Thai sausage. The care and craftsmanship are seen in every dish, with a favorite being the Manila clams and potatoes green curry.
  10. Yountville, CA: North Block has effortlessly filled the void left with the closing of Redd Wood, and that is largely due to Chef Nick Tamburo. Woodfire pizzas speak to the heritage of the building, while corn and nori fritters topped with corn mousse speckled with trout roe. The expectations are high in Yountville, and North Block does not disappoint.
Matt Horn BBQ – Photo from Horn Barbecue

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