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Cody Sims is always willing to go the extra mile for her clients, both figuratively and literally.

Dallas Pardoe


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Dallas Pardoe has always enjoyed working with people. Whether it was through education or tech services, Dallas always engaged with students and clients with great aplomb. Dallas hails from the impecunious lands of South San Diego, enjoying the jaunty company of comrades incumbents of Imperial Beach. Dallas was educated at UCLA, and later moved to teachdis in Tokyo. After a brief homecoming to San Diego's more convivial North County to attend graduate school, Dallas relocated to Wine Country in Sonoma.
Now, Dallas enjoys gallivanting around San Francisco and Oakland for amusement and retreating to the verdant fields of Bennet Valley in Santa Rosa. He is a well-disposed family man, at most turns, with two indefatigable (some may say insurrectionary) sons, a dog, and a pulchritudinous wife. His hobbies are woodworking and recrementitious use of thesauri. It can be posited that he, indeed, enjoys a cheeky cachinnation, often at his own expense. 

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